Daily Archives: July 29, 2014

H2H Magazine Interview

Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): First congratulations on such a major endeavor!¬† Deric Muhammad (DM):¬†THANK YOU! All praise is due to Allah. EM: This is nothing to wink at. I read that 200 million people desire to write and publish a book, but only 65,000 books make it all the way, of which only 12,000 exclude […]

Book Signing 114

Rapper, TRAE tha TRUTH came by the wish Muhammad success.

“A.S.A.P.” Book Release a Big Success

Friday July 25th was the “due date” for the birth of Deric Muhammad’s first book, “A.S.A.P.” (A Street Activist’s Perspective). As anticipated, a groundswell of support for this project and it’s author made itself manifest at Aunt Bea’s Restaurant, where the gathering was held. Family, friends and community came “out of the woodwork” to show […]