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Activist Deric Muhammad gives a hug of reassurance to Jordan Baker Jr. and his mother Ranee Tran.

THE HUFFINGTON POST REPORTS: Officer J. Castro Walks Free After Killing Unarmed Jordan Baker

Officer Juventino Castro Will Walk Free After Killing Unarmed Man Jordan Baker A Texas grand jury has officially cleared an officer of any wrongdoing after he fatally shot an unarmed man back in January. Officer Juventino Castro will face no charges in the deadly shooting of 26-year-old Jordan Baker, Chron News reports. Activist Deric Muhammad embraces Renae […]

Activism 101: The 12 Commandments of Activism #ASAP

ACTIVISM 101  (The 12 Commandments of Activism)   I.  THOU SHALT NOT COMPROMISE THE TRUTH As an activist your best friend is THE TRUTH. Never abandon your best friend and your best friend will never abandon you. The universe is built on truth, and as long as you speak and stand on truth you have […]