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H2H Magazine Interview

Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): First congratulations on such a major endeavor!  Deric Muhammad (DM): THANK YOU! All praise is due to Allah. EM: This is nothing to wink at. I read that 200 million people desire to write and publish a book, but only 65,000 books make it all the way, of which only 12,000 exclude […]

Book Signing 114


The Black Male Is NOT A Lost Cause – Hurt2Healing Magazine Exclusive

Ebony S. Muhammad (EM):      First I would like to congratulate you on the upcoming Fourth Annual Smart’n Up Black Male Summit. What will be the focus/theme for this year’s gathering, featured workshops and speakers? Please share some of the format as well.   Deric Muhammad (DM): Thank you. The central focus is always “Smart’n Up”; a saying that […]